Why Davinci Micro Fulfillment®

Why Davinci was Created

The retail landscape has changed. Consumers have more options and power today than ever before, with the advantage of a wide breadth of product assortments and leverage of unprecedented visibility into pricing across all channels moving in real-time.

Davinci Micro Fulfillment® was created to alleviate common pain points in the eCommerce ecosystem. Consumers want their products fast and engage in different buying habits online vs traditional in-store. Davinci helps our partners market and merchandise to create the right strategy while delivering the right products at the right time.

We understand that a brand needs to optimize their online strategy from product creation to reaching the end customer beyond the traditions of brick-and-mortar businesses. Our specialists have decades of experience in Front End Merchandising, Network Optimization, and Micro Fulfillment and are ready to help you succeed within the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

What is Micro Fulfillment?

Micro Fulfillment is fast fulfillment in small spaces, near metropolitan cities and locations. Our multiple locations will reach any zip code in the U.S. in 2 days or less, delivering the optimal experience to any end customer.


Our multiple and physical locations will reach any zip code in the U.S. in 2 days or less, delivering the optimal experience to any end customer. Because our fast, forward fulfillment is real-time POS, we are able to deliver metrics on your business that help bring proximity to your end consumers, all while bringing delight to the customer experience.


The supply chain is unpredictable. Businesses must be able to quickly scale up and down, turn services on and off, and adapt to change. Our fast-paced environment shifts on a daily basis. Agile operations and quick decision-making are essential to the survival of an eCommerce business. Davinci gives that ability to our partners through our fast, forward fulfillment and ability to integrate with any channel.


Real-time visibility and transparency create the ability to track not only each parcel’s journey but show a brand’s proximity to its end customers and offer deeper insight into channel and geographical buying habits, all of which lead to a better customer experience.


By partnering with a variety of delivery services, we work to consolidate parcel volume and reduce shipping distances, delivering to the end customer faster and reducing the carbon footprint. At Davinci, we are dedicated to improving processes today in order to build a better tomorrow.

Davinci Map Zones

Our Micro Fulfillment Centers are “hubs” that can promise 1-Day ground delivery to over 60% of the continenal U.S. and 2-day deliveries to 100%.

Ecosystem Management

Today, marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay account for more than 30% of global eCommerce sales – and that number is steadily climbing.

Having an effective mix of wholesale, marketplace, and DTC businesses allows you to reach your customers where they want to find you, and Davinci’s services help you optimize your assortment and fulfillment for all of these channels so you can build your ecosystem and delight your customers.


At Davinci, we help you manage the prestigious 1P relationship with online retailers.

Dropship accounts allow you to create an extended assortment outside of your in-store listings to further your brand presence and ecosystem in omnichannel environments.


Davinci appreciates the value of having full control over your merchandise on marketplaces as a 3P vendor.

We offer end-to-end solutions for assortment planning, pricing, retailer item setup, SEO, and, of course, efficient and cost-effective fulfillment for all major 3P accounts.

We work closely with you to navigate the marketplace requirements and develop a strategy for this growing channel.

Direct to Consumer (DTC)

We understand the importance of utilizing your digital presence to establish control of your brand’s story and build lasting connections with your customer.

Our direct fulfillment and network optimization strategies allow you to get your products to your customers as efficiently as the marketplace could offer, so you can reach your customers directly without intermediary services.

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