Managing eCommerce just got a whole lot easier

Interested in optimizing your brand’s eCommerce logistics strategy? From item setup to fulfillment, our team can provide robust solutions at scale. We serve as an extension of your teams with the intent of streamlining and optimizing the execution of your eCommerce operation, allowing you to focus on your unique brand vision.

Extended Marketplace Account Management

Account Management is one of the most important assets that Davinci Micro Fulfillment brings to the table. We understand how powerful and critical it is to create consistent messaging and more visible brand offerings in today’s complex marketplace. 

Our goal is to ensure brands are integrating to online strategies effectively while driving sales and incremental growth. We support our client’s in-house sales and marketing team with guidance, merchandising and strategic planning.


Omni-Channel Brand Strategy

  • Data driven recommendations
  • Channel insights & Data mining
  • Assortment planning for eCommerce

Promotion Management

  • Optimize sponsored Ads spend at various channels
  • Increase Brand awareness and Demand
  • Keyword Management


Content Management

  • Consistent brand message communicated through all channels
  • Extended Content Implementation
  • Ensure quality and consistent product customer-facing assets

Network Optimization

Streamline Your Efficiencies

Organizing and curating the products in the right MFC locations in the right quantity is directly tied to selling your brands curated assortments to the right channels. Consumer behavior can be unpredictable, and when brands add in events such as new product launches, promotions, and inventory shortages, complexity increases.


Omni-Channel Brand Strategy

  • Network optimization enhances demand forecasting using an integrated approach, in conjunction with your brand planning teams
  • Our goal is to increase control, limit loss sales, increase search momentum, and reduce your excess & obsolete products with limited waste
  • Enhanced reporting dashboards will allow you visibility to your POS and on hand channel inventory to make more informed decisions

Micro Fulfillment Coverage

Fast Forward Fulfillment in smaller footprints near metropolitan cities

Our MFC locations will reach any zip code in the US in 1-2 days or less, delivering the optimal experience to your end customer and saving you money.

  • Being positioned closer to the end customers creates less freight costs and a better customer experience
  • Low-cost entry to fulfillment, available to any brand
  • Davinci orchestrates an optimized ecosystem targeting regions