Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers.

How are you different from current fulfillment partners today?

Davinci offers an end-to-end solution for eCommerce not just focused on fulfillment. Our easy to understand fee structure allows our clients to plan properly and create a low-cost eCommerce operation as a percentage of revenue.  

Who owns the inventory within the Davinci micro fulfillment centers?

Our clients own the inventory and are direct with all channels.

Does Davinci create content?

While we do not photograph items or create product videos, we implement them. Our team works closely with our clients to help them to develop extended content and organize feature & benefits review.  Our goal is to increase conversion and keep your brand message consistent across all channels. 

Can Davinci support LTL orders as well as parcel?

While Davinci supports forward fulfillment only, we can handle white glove and small parcel shipments.

How can we integrate with Davinci?

Davinci can support any file type including API, EDI & other common integration methods.

Can Davinci warehouse and ship products requiring special storage, labeling, and shipping such as ORM-D and more?

Yes, we support all product types except for those needing cold storage and comply with all appropriate regulations for said products within our MFC locations.

Can a brand send orders and inventory to only some of the Davinci MFC's?

Yes, utilizing network optimization, our joint planning places products in the regions they are being delivered. A client can fulfill in one or more locations to work in tandem with their current fulfillment operation.

Does Davinci support sponsored ads at channels that can support this type of promotion?

Yes, we have tools in place that our team utilizes to plan and execute various promotions for search including keyword implementation, budget optimization, and more.