Unleash the Power of Supply Chain Optimization with Corey Apirian’s Expert Insights

Jul 1, 2023 | Press Release

Corey ApirianCorey Apirian is the CEO
of Davinci Micro Fulfillment, a full-service logistics company partnering
with retailers and brands to help market, sell, fulfill, and ship its
products. Corey is a 15-year supply chain and operations leader.
Additionally, he has over 20 years of experience in the e-commerce
fulfillment industry specializing in channel merchandising, aligning
operational initiatives with corporate objectives, and building and leading
high-performing teams through inclusion, collaboration, and engagement.
Through his years of experience, Corey has launched over 50 different
subcategories through online and brick-and-mortar channels.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Corey Apirian shares his entrepreneurial journey in supply chain
  • How to build a shipping business
  • Steps to grow an e-commerce business
  • Understanding how to sell on Amazon starts with smart merchandising
  • Davinci Micro Fulfillment’s role in Amazon’s market basket analysis
  • Creating the right FBA and FBM strategy for Amazon
  • Understanding concept network optimization and inventory control
  • What are the three core factors of a business?

In this episode…

With the ever-evolving needs of Amazon and the changes in logistics on
Amazon, if your company isn’t properly staffed with essential experts in
place, your company could be at a disadvantage. If you only rely on a
virtual assistant to handle all operational needs, you may have already put
your company in jeopardy. While virtual assistants may be administrative
experts and take direction well, they aren’t considered supply chain or
operations experts. So, what position hires should be a priority in today’s

Business leaders Corey Apirian and Josh Hadley strongly suggest hiring a
supply chain manager or expert as quickly as possible. A supply chain
manager oversees, coordinates, and manages the logistics regarding the
production and distribution processes of the company’s goods. Supply chain
management is integral to a company’s success because an expert in this
field can boost customer service, reduce operating costs, and improve the
financial position of the company. Those are just a few responsibilities of
a supply chain manager. Want to learn more about supply chain logistics?

Join host Josh Hadley in this episode of the eComm Breakthrough
where he welcomes the CEO of Davinci Micro Fulfillment,
Corey Apirian, for an in-depth discussion about global supply chain and
shipping and logistics. Corey advises on how to build a shipping business,
the steps to grow an e-commerce business, the role that smart merchandising
plays in selling on Amazon, and more.

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