Davinci Micro Fulfillment Announces $3 Million Seed Round to Bring Total Funding to $10 Million

Nov 9, 2023 | Press Release

Capital raised from Las Olas Venture Capital, Venture 53 Fund and Accelerator, and Silicon Road Ventures will go towards operational excellence and enhance current technology capabilities

New York, New York – Today, Davinci Micro Fulfillment, a leading micro fulfillment as a service company backed by technology and physical locations, announced that they’ve closed a $3 million seed funding round co-led by Las Olas Venture CapitalVenture 53 Fund and Accelerator, and Silicon Road Ventures, bringing their total funding to $10 million since launching in 2021. Davinci plans to use the capital from this round to increase overall operational excellence within the organization and to enhance current technology capabilities, including adding an automation test site.

Davinci’s micro fulfillment technology is built around order orchestration and network optimization that, using data and machine learning, helps multichannel merchants place their inventory more precisely so they can reduce touchpoints and meet supply and demand as close to real-time as possible with the lowest fulfillment cost. Davinci stands alone in its category of micro fulfillment as a service, not only helping brands with their supply chain but also providing the technology that tells brands what items to sell and on what channel, how to market them, and when to restock and where. In the two years that Davinci has been operating, they’ve helped brands increase their sales by 25% by positioning inventory correctly and saving 30% ROI in fulfillment costs.

“Davinci is a true growth engine for brands operating in a multichannel environment, and we’re thrilled to help fund the future of commerce as their partner,” said Dean Hatton, Founding Partner, Las Olas Venture Capital. “The market for micro fulfillment is huge not only because it allows merchants to move quicker, but because of its potential to integrate with emerging technologies like AI and robotics and provide more sustainable solutions.”

Using their six micro fulfillment centers in Fresno, CA; Dallas, TX; Erlanger, KY; Jacksonville, FL; Central New Jersey; and Denver, CO, Davinci provides merchants with 1-day ground delivery to over 85% of the continental U.S. and 2-day delivery to 99+%. Davinci’s clients include apparel, beverages, dry goods, toys, and home goods, with a wide range of SKUs from five to fifty or more.

“True micro fulfillment isn’t just utilizing smaller warehouses closer to consumers; it’s an end-to-end strategy that brands can leverage to create a competitive advantage,” said Corey Apirian, CEO and Founder of Davinci Micro Fulfillment. “Our expertise and technology automate the process of knowing when and where to capture shoppers’ attention and exactly where those products should be placed to meet today’s standards for fast and affordable shipping.”

About Davinci Micro Fulfillment

Davinci Micro Fulfillment® provides an end-to-end solution for our partners to utilize our physical location network strategically placed in hyper-local areas. Brands and retailers can utilize forward-deployed inventory to fulfill online orders to minimize lead time and cost. Using proprietary technology, we can optimize all aspects of the eCommerce ecosystem, including front-end merchandising, network optimization, and order fulfillment services provided by our micro-fulfillment centers. Davinci’s current locations include Fresno, CA; Dallas, TX; Erlanger, KY; Jacksonville, FL; Central New Jersey; and Denver, CO.

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